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Welcome to FestiLove of

Audrey & Mathieu

A wedding under the sign of madness and love just like the bride and groom.

The organization was done in several stages: first the town hall for the 2020 year because the covid was invited during the preparations ... and finally the real party with family and friends for a secular ceremony rich in emotion on this 2021year. 

Do you know Wonderwoman and Superman? Well me YES! And I can tell you that these two wear the costume very well ... Tireless they were able to follow through on a festive Sunday with DJ, food truck, ice cream parlor and tattoo artist available !! YES, you read that correctly: a tattoo artist to immortalize this timeless moment.

Their taste for decoration allowed us to give free rein to our desires and with all my team we were able to set up in this sumptuous family castle installations in total coherence with the spaces. A dancing evening and a dinner in the middle of these hundred-year-old and huge trees. 

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